Applying Social Technology to Business

Digital Voodoo is a social media strategy and intelligence firm. Working with your leadership team, we help you quickly come to grips with the impact of social media, creating within your organization the necessary skills and plans that position your brand, product, or service for success on the Social Web.

Social Media: The Connective Tissue

We work with your Customer Service, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources and Finance teams to quickly measure and assess your readiness for business on the Social Web, and then create a rapid implementation plan that aligns product marketing, development and internal support teams. We ensure that the linkage between Operations and Marketing is solid so that what’s promised ... is exactly what gets delivered. This ensures positive word-of-mouth that drives business success.

Build a Roadmap: Strategy + Tactics

We help define and implement enterprise-wide initiatives that generate results you can measure. We tap the relevant social technologies, combining advanced listening tools with your existing customer intelligence to help you reach and activate your most sought-after customers.

Drive and Measure Results

The result is quantitative, measurable advancement toward your business or organization objectives.